Gujarat Tourism Packages Driving you to City of Festivals.

If you are planning to get enchanted with the religious, culture and historical panorama of India then tour to Gujarat can be the best option available for you.  The vibrant Gujarat is well known as the Jewel of West and Colours of India. This is a Land of Festivals and Fair and Cultural diversity, it is place of about 3,500 festivals celebrated here throughout the year making is unique, attraction for tourists, full of activities and fun everywhere.  Gujarat is the most popular adventures destination for tourist in the west subcontinent, also well known for its holy places which attract the tourist from all over the globe. Gujarat is spread into four geographical regions of Saurashtra, Kutch, North Gujarat and South Gujarat. These four geographical regions attracts visitors and tourists from every part of world as they have many religious and historical places and a story related to them which attract them during the festival season. The Historic traditions as well as cultural traditions on this state came into the time of Indus Valley Civilization. Gujarat attractions like Fascinating archaeological sites, Hindu Islamic architecture, superb Jain, rare wildlife, exquisite crafts and Asiatic lion include in the Gujarat Tourism Packages. 

Gujarat is splendidly beautiful with amazing artistic destinations offers everlasting excitement, amazing adventure and lot of fun while tour to Gujarat. Mudflats in north, mountains in the west and beautiful rivers with fertile soil are considered in the best Gujarat Tourism Packages. Most colourful and popular festival celebrated during the year includes Mahadev Mela, Holi, Dangs Darbar, Kutch Utsav, Chitra Vichitra Mela, Dhrand Fair and Vautha Mela. Two of the most important festival which gather tourist from all over the glove includes International Kite Festival and festival of Modhera. Kite Festival is organised on 14th January every year in Ahmedabad.


Gujarat is blessed with Rich heritage and beautiful Crafts. Women in this state can be seen with rich dazzling embroidery dresses and sparkling ethnic jewellery. Work of mirror on colourful kutch embroidery by the Guajarati tribal people including the handcrafts like heavy terracotta, colourful stone work, heavy silver ware and metal ware are well known all the country. Amazing wildlife is top in the list of attractive tourist destinations of the state. Gir National Park with its wild Asiatic Lions, Nilgai Antelope and four horned Chosingha, Chinkara and Sambar deer make it unique and special among the tourists. Bird Sanctuary like Nalsarovar gives you wonderful experience of viewing some rare species like Rosy Pelicans, white Stroks, Heron and Brahminy Ducks. Gujarat got many popular pilgrimage destinations and religious temples which are amazing to visit. Few famous among them include Lord Krishna Temple at Dwarka and Lord Shiva Temple at Somnath ji. The beautiful aura of temples is simply magnificent and mystic. Spiritual tourism is one of the most important features of the Gujarat making it important destination for pilgrims. Gujarat Tourism Packages will surely spellbind its lovers with its beautiful colours, amazing culture, rich traditions and sparkling festivals.